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Email & Marketing Automation


Everhart Marketing will audit your current email sends and journeys and provide actionable insights, identifying gaps and highlights to help you focus and improve your strategy.

Email Authoring & Marketing Automation

In a specialized field or have your copy all buttoned up and need a partner to help you get your email out the door? We have experience with most major Marketing Automation and email platforms and can help you set up complex automation as well as simple sends.



We provide comprehensive communication strategies for you and your clients. Whether B2B or B2C, we work to understand your business goals and communication needs and bring those together in a communication strategy designed to get results. 
If you are looking to increase lead capture, nurture leads, improve your customer service, or keep your brand top-of-mind, we can create a strategy that meets your needs. 

We strive to combine, data, expertise, and best practice to provide a thoughtful email or Marketing Automation Strategy. We then provide a roadmap and step-by-step path to updating and enhancing communication with your customers and prospects.

Email Content

Whether you are looking for someone to help you generate newsletter content or you’re looking for some help with sales and promotion emails, we have you covered. We can write your email copy including choosing images and button placement, all while following best practices for email engagement, accessibility, and deliverability to set your email up for successful campaigns and engagements.

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