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Marketing Automation Strategy

Example of a Marketing Automation Strategy we’ve provided that identifies gaps and opportunities and brings them to life in your Marketing Automation strategy.

Sales Nurture Email Series – Health Insurance

Increased Sales Close rate by 12% with a sales nurture for members turning 65 and getting ready to start Medicare. The series of email was meant to educate members on the basics of Medicare coverage, connect them with the sales team, and move them down the sales funnel.

Greater Discussions Newsletter Content

Curated a weekly newsletter designed to help families with conversation starters to inspire conversation.



Analysis & Insights – Pharmaceutical

Provided analysis and insights for a pharmaceutical brand website. The insights were used to adjust the web experience to increase conversion and improve the user experience.


Created a Looker Studio dashboards with data from several marketing platforms combined. The dashboard helped a national non-profit organization to track event registration and the success of its campaigns.